Product Scope

As software projects grow in scope and complexity, they face hundreds of related, interlocking issues: use cases, individual requirements, business requirements, improvement suggestions, bug reports, etc. Unfortunately, while tools to handle many of the problems faced by software development exist in a free form (compilers, debuggers, configuration management, make-dependency tools), the available free software issue-tracking systems (such as Gnats, etc.) seem to be oriented toward larger projects or dedicated servers. YakTrack aims to be not only more flexible (allowing the software development team to track not only problem reports but other types of similar documents) but also easier to set up and use for a small team.

However, YakTrack is not (at least not yet) intended for use as an industrial-strength problem-tracking database for projects with hundreds of developers, etc. It is intended for small teams and individual programmers, a class of developers which is not particularly well-served by the free tools available.