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argument_printer_command basically a testing stub. The argument printer command stores its arguments in an internal variable and prints them when executed. Not used by Yaktrack
cat copies an appropriate submitted issue(s) to standard output
cgi_cat_output Displays the results of the cat request in cgi form
cgi_edit_form classes for creating a CGI-compatible form for editing issues
cgi_edit_results Displays the results of the cat request in cgi form
Displays the result of a free query in html form

uses a similar output to the cgi_cat_output module

cgi_query_results returns the results of a form query. Basically, transforms the form query into a string, then passes it to the freequery module.
cgi_register_results Displays the results of the cat request in cgi form
cgi_submission_results Displays the results of the submit request in cgi form
cgi_switchboard A simple cgi script which decides which CGI script to show output from based on the template and action selected in the gateway
cm_base Base command for configuration management tools. Derived tools will overload the presence_is_detected_in_path, add_to_cm, is_file_under_cm, commit_to_cm, and update_from_cm features, as well as updating the short_description_text and long_description_text features.
cm_command identifies the configuration management in use in a given directory and creates a configuration management command for use in that directory.
cm_cvs a configuration management tool for CVS
cm_none a configuration management tool for cases where no configuration management is available
composite_command composite commands which can contain subcommands; a base for all Yaktrack command objects
composite_command_test Tests the composite_command module
create_blank_issue includes files for creating a blank issue from a given template. Mostly obsolete-- Yaktrack uses the issue module now.
create_repository the create-repository command
create_repository_test tests the repository creation
dtd_validator methods for validating DTDs for correct behaviour with Yaktrack
dtd_validator_test tests the dtd validator module
edit Edit is a module used by yaktrack to edit problem reports; it handles both an external editor via the YAKTRACKEDITOR variable and an internal, menu-based (and line-based) editor.
file classes and commands for filing issues
file_test Tests the file functionality. MANY IF NOT ALL OF THESE TESTS ARE OUT OF DATE, as I'm having difficulty with the xml sax module creating parsers correctly when the home directory is changed. This will be fixed when the Python XML package gets stable enough to move out of the project and into a 'standard distribution' directory.
gateway_cgi modifies an existing template to create a gateway for the CGI scripts
html_form_generator This class generates a set of HTML nodes for a given issue (XML) node. It is intended for use with the yaktrack cgi_query and cgi_submit modules, so that they can create HTML forms from blank issues suitable for web fill-ins.
html_substitutor A simple toy which loops through an html template argument looking for nodes with the attribute yaksubid and replaces them with desired replacement nodes, removing the attribute. The idea is that this allows you to create nice, doctored templates and then customize them through cgi-scripts.
is_valid_template checks to see if a template is valid
issue An issue, trackable by yaktrack. Basically an issue is simply a decorated DOM object, suitable for traversal, representation as a string, etc. The basic implementation of this does NO validation; that is left to the parser which creates it, if that's available. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I can marshal 4DOM into validating the tree as its being loaded, so I may use xmlproc for validation (I use it to ensure that the DTDs are valid anyway) and 4DOM for the DOM representation.
issue_test tests the issue module
issue_to_html_transformer a class which transforms issues (xml DOM objects) into HTML DOM objects. Useful for display of issues (ie via the CGI cat gateway scripts)
make_requirements_matrix Makes a requirements traceability matrix in docbook XML format. Requires a yaktrack repository somewhere up the tree from the current directory. The repository must contain a template named fr with a name element immediately under the first element; the original implementation was as such:
parse_dtd_test A test just to see if we can parse XML DTDs. Not actively used in Yaktrack
parse_xml_test A simple test to see if we can parse XML documents; not actively used in yaktrack
query composite command for querying the repository for a given issue
query_form_generator generates a query form (one-deep for children and attributes) based on a template
query_test exercises and tests the query module
register_template implements the register-template command for submitting new issues into yaktrack.
repository a yaktrack repository. This is intended to be the back-end of a yaktrack system, and is initially implemented as a directory tree containing xml files. The basic directory structure is below:
repository_test Tests the repository module
submit implements the submit command for submitting new issues into yaktrack.
template A template class representing a DTD and its included members. Used here to centralize the code dealing with raw DTDs and make it more manageable and understandable.
template_test tests the functionality of the template module
unittest Python unit testing framework, based on Erich Gamma's JUnit and Kent Beck's Smalltalk testing framework.
utils Miscellaneous utilities and classes used by the yaktrack programs
yakcgi some minor helper functions, etc. for parsing cgi scripts
yaktrack-email-gateway Acts as the email gateway for yaktrack. This should be set up such that the repository in question is created in the user's home directory (it's recommended that you create a special account for yaktrack...) In general, the pattern is this:
yaktrack this is the main class and program for the yaktrack application. It itself is a simple composite command class which has other commands hung onto it to flesh out the application's functionality. There is much dead code in here which has been outmoded by the repository class; in time, this will be removed from this file.

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