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Welcome to YakTrack!

Welcome to YakTrack, a lightweight, open-source issue-tracking database system written in Python. Begun as a project for my Masters' in Software Development and Management via Rochester Institute of Technology, YakTrack has grown into a tool of some utility. From this page, you can visit the YakTrack Sourceforge project page itself, browse its online documentation, or examine the sample database. Enjoy, and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to list them!

Downloading YakTrack

YakTrack is available from the YakTrack Sourceforge project page at http://sourceforge.net/projects/yaktrack under "Latest File Releases" as a .tar.gz file. Untar into a directory and examine the structure; the "src" directory holds the main executable files and python source code.


The documentation for YakTrack is available on-line, in HTML form from the original DocBook SGML source. To go to the main set of YakTrack documentation, click here. An automatically-generated set of documentation about the python code itself is present here. Unfortunately, some of the automatic hyperlink generation seems to be failing (Crystal, the program which generated this documentation based on docstrings in the Python code, is still somewhat new). As a result, browsing the index is a little confusing, but still contains some good information. If you want information on a module, go to the "api.modulename.html" page for that particular modulename, and you may get better service.

Sample Database

In order that you can see what YakTrack does, I've prepared a demonstration database here. Feel free to look around, examine reports, etc. Please don't edit others' reports, as the "defect" category is actually used for reporting defects in YakTrack-- but feel free to add reports, create your own issue templates, etc.

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