The email gateway layer allows issues to be submitted via standard email; this is useful for projects which cannot support a dedicated webserver/website but still wish to collect issues from remote sites. Essentially, the email gateway layer is the immediate layer with a wrapper; the site creates a user account (with its own copy of the repository) which forwards incoming mail to the YakTrack application, which executes the YakTrack command in the email's subject line, using the body of the message as the rest of standard input (for submitting reports, etc). Attachments to the email message are decoded and saved as attachments to submitted reports as applicable. Most immediate commands are unavailable except for file and query, and perhaps a request-form command to get a "blank" form for an issue; email gateway users are considered to have lower security than immediate-mode users (otherwise they would have their own copy of the repository).

The email gateway synchronizes itself with the main repository through the use of configuration management. This brings up the ability to have several "feeder" email gateways all connected to the same base repository; if this is the case, the default identifier assigment may need to be overridden (by prepending a gateway ID, etc) to prevent duplicate identifiers.