The web-based gateway provides access to the repository in a manner similar to bugzilla or gnatsweb. It operates with its own copy of the repository, resynchronizing with the main repository via configuration management. The web gateway should generate forms based on the given DTDs and shuffle the results through YakTrack's immediate-mode commands, displaying the results back to the user. Again, security is tighter with the web gateway, primarily giving only the submit and query abilities (and removing the ability to replace an existing issue), although this behaviour could be changed via source in the yaktrack-options subdirectory.

For non-programmers, the web-based gateway will probably be the primary mode of interaction (unless said non-programmers are conversant with the command line and a decent text editor, preferably one handling XML); while a default gateway setup will be available, further extension could be rather involved, particularly if YakTrack is extended to accept more full-featured subsets of XML.