Registering a new template

The ability to register new templates is provided as a demonstration of Yaktrack's capabilities. In general, I do not recommend leaving this as an option for your casual users; you want people to submit new issues, not new templates! In case you wish to use it, however, it can be accessed by the "Register a new template" option from the main menu. The user will be presented with a form something like the following, and a brief message explaining templates in Yaktrack:

The 'register a new template' menu

The "Register a new template" menu

Type the text of the new template into the provided text area; a sample template is provided. When you are finished, click on the "submit" button to submit the new template to the repository; you will be greeted with a screen displaying the feedback from your attempt:

Results of a template registration

Results of a template registration

Once the template is registered, you may begin using it immediately for submission of new issues.